This Doesn’t Have To Be The End!
Because now YOU can DISCOVER the ancient SECRETS to taking control of your relationship using the four GOLDEN KEYS to help you seamlessly GET BACK TOGETHER
Are you afraid it is too late to bring back the love of your life?
Once there was fun, happiness and intimacy.

But then, something changed, and the relationship started to fall apart. Maybe neither of you really tried to keep it alive. Or, maybe you tried to reconcile and it didn’t work and now your lover is gone.

Let me tell you, this does not have to be the end!

But before you go about getting your lover back, you need to get down to the root of the problem.... this is something most relationship books don't do! ... The question is...
Where did things go wrong?
Why has our relationship fallen apart?

Looking at the current divorce rate, you’ll see you’re not alone with this burning question.

That happened to me. Some years ago, faced with a breakup, I pleaded with the Universe to bring my boyfriend back.

The love of my life was involved in an affair and he wanted to leave me. I was shocked to the core… anguished…

Thankfully I found the solution…
… which I’m about to share with you.
My name is Anandi Peters. As a relationship coach, I’ve had the privilege of inspiring and empowering people from all over the world to restore relationships that have faded or exploded into oblivion.

Why am I so passionate about teaching you how to rekindle your love? Because against all odds, I discovered the secrets of great relationships... and I have found greater love and happiness within my newly restored relationship, than I ever thought possible.
You deserve that kind of happiness too!
When my relationship crumbled, I wanted desperately to bring him back. The longing and hurt consumed me! Deep in my heart, I knew we were meant for each other. But I had no clue why we fell apart... what went wrong... or how I could fix it!

Well-meaning friends and family tried to counsel me - mostly, to let him go (which is the last thing I wanted to do). I followed my heart. I searched every book and program I could find - everything from ancient wisdom to the cutting edge of neuroscience and quantum physics.

I absorbed all this knowledge like a sponge and I learned a great deal about my role in the relationship, the power of my mind and so much more... but I still had no idea how to implement what I learned.

The pieces finally fell into place when I met a legendary, mystical teacher who taught me the very same techniques I’m passing on to you now.
When I applied these secrets, my life was transformed.
My relationship rebounded and became magical and deeply satisfying.
I became inspired to help people just like you restore their loving relationships - because, this powerful system should not be kept a secret. I combined everything I learned into a resource that you can turn to anytime you feel your relationship is struggling:
  • to get things back on track
  • to stop a breakup
  • to reconcile
... step by step, from start to finish, it’s all here.
You can go from LOVE to problems... to LOVE again!
The secret is an easy-to-follow Four-Step Magic Formula that anybody can apply, starting immediately.
I call it a ‘magic’ formula not because it’s sleight of hand or a ‘poof’ of smoke but because of the almost miraculous results it gives.

Fast forward to today.

I’m celebrating my marriage to my soulmate, the same man who had “checked out” of our relationship. And married life is fun, happy and awesome.

The Four Golden Keys are yours... to unlock your heart... your lover’s heart... and the door to a mutually satisfying relationship.

You can experience relationship bliss even if your heart has been broken.

... Even if you have lost hope.

... Even if you think it’s too late.

These universal secrets can transform your life... as they have transformed my life and the lives of many thousands of broken-hearted lovers.
A best selling book since 2003, the Bring Back the Love Blueprint, plus four bonus books and audio is available to you right NOW!
Whether you choose the digital download or audio copy of this priceless book, in just a short time you’ll have all the tools you need to bring back your ex.
“I wholeheartedly recommend you read this book”…

“Bring Back The Love Of Your Life” is a must have book if you have any interest in your relationships, not only your intimate relationships but THE most important one and that is the one you have with yourself. I wholeheartedly recommend you get this book, read it and follow it to a T. Not only will you feel better and enhance your life in every area, you will also have a better understanding of how you and others tick.”…
- Annette Jones, Australian Author, “The Separated Woman's Guide to a Bright Future”
“Success with long distance relationship”

I wrote to you last summer after the man that I love broke up with me because he did not want to do a long distance relationship. I read your book and meticulously practiced the 4 steps. I wanted to share this with you because your advice really works.
- Mary M , Florida, USA
The love, passion and joy you used to share does not have to live on only in your memory. You can bring back that “new love” feeling when you understand and apply these ancient secrets!

This program is an absolute MUST if you are truly ready to transform yourself and your relationship.

In just minutes a day, you’ll be gently guided through simple processes to begin to attract your ex back...
  • The healing of your relationship begins with this one powerful question:
    Why is this happening to me?
  • And the next question to ask to build momentum is ...
    What can I do to feel better? ...
  • A proven step by step plan to take you from despair to hope
  • What you MUST avoid doing if you want to rekindle love
  • How to remove blame, guilt or resentment and banish the victim mindset
  • The secrets of a win-win resolution to any argument
  • How to resolve conflicts once and for all and ask for what you want from your partner
  • How to stop blaming yourself or your partner and let go of all your guilt and resentment
  • A deeper understanding of your partner’s feelings, needs and desires
  • A deeper understanding of yourself and your role in the relationship
A person who is strong, wise, sexy, compassionate and loving ... and to amplify those qualities and make yourself exactly right for him or her.

This doesn’t mean changing for your lover - that never, ever works, it means letting him or her see you the way he or she used to see you and vice-versa.
  • Teach you to emotionally manipulate or guilt your lover into coming back
  • Tell you how to change your behaviour or the behaviour of your lover
This Special Package Will Give You Everything You Need To Help You Get Back Together Again
The Book
The Ancient Bring Back Love Blueprint
  • The complete fool-proof system to heal your broken heart and give you immediate relief. It worked for thousands of others and it can work for you.
  • Why things happen to you the way they do, and your role in your relationship. Once you know the reasons, you’ll learn how to avoid repeating the same mistakes.
  • A step by step plan with clear explanations and guidance to not only heal your relationship but to help you gain more confidence and self esteem.
The Companion Guidebook
The Ancient Bring Back Love Guidebook
  • Essential reading to complement the information in the Ancient Bring Back Love Blueprint.
  • Transforms the strategies and guidelines into an action plan.
  • ‘The Ancient Bring Back Love Blueprint’ tells you WHY and the companion guidebook shows you HOW to improve your relationships.
  • Read the guidebook immediately after you finish reading ‘The Ancient Bring Back Love Blueprint' for best results.
Bonus Book 1
Marriage and Divorce
  • Are you facing a divorce? In the process of a divorce? Recovering after a divorce?
  • This complete manual will give you clear, concise instructions on how to deal with the emotional turmoil and upheaval in your life.
  • Want to know how to fix the problems? Get precise help for your situation by following the dozens of examples.
  • This book is a complete blueprint of over 50 pages of expert advice to help you recover from your break up if you’re already divorced, and if you’re still married, restore your lost love and reconnect with your partner on a level you never thought possible.
Bonus Book 2
Stop Your Breakup
  • A Collection of Effective Letters and Conversational Pieces to Put LOVE Back Into Your Relationship!
  • When you are in a difficult, confusing and frustrating relationship it is often impossible to find the right words to restore your love. Here are the experiences of many others just like you. Use their ideas and words to turn your tears of sadness to tears of joy.
  • This 50+ page book gives real examples of letters, emails and conversations you can use to help reconnect with your partner.
Bonus Book 3
Talk Your Way To Get What You Want
  • This enlightening and powerful bonus report includes the exact techniques I have used to talk my way to bring back my lost lover and it tells you how you can too.
  • Revealing and insightful – in this book you will be shown all the powerful principles of non-confrontational communication which will help you bring about a harmonious and blissful relationship with the love of your life.
5 part audio series
The Ancient Bring Back Love Blueprint
  • Now you can listen to the entire ‘Ancient Bring Back Love Blueprint’ book on your iPad, iPhone or tablet from the comfort of your chair or even while driving to work.
Now What Is It Worth To You to Get the Love Of Your Life Back?
You can’t really put a price on love, can you?
Because I am so passionate about sharing the wisdom I’ve learned, I’ve made the whole course as affordable as possible so that everyone can benefit.
For this reason, the package of 5 books and audio is specially priced at just $97.
You Can Now Get ALL These Products
The Ancient Bring Back Love Blueprint Book
PLUS the Companion Workbook
PLUS the THREE special bonuses
PLUS the complete audio download
YES, Anandi … I want to use your Golden Keys to bring back the love of my life. I understand that I’ll see results almost immediately. I also understand I have 30 full days to try out the program and be sure it works for me, otherwise I pay nothing.
Download the entire digital program
and get instant access
'Our 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee...'
We mean what we say. If for any unlikely reason Bring Back the Love of Your Life doesn’t live up to our promises, just drop us an email.

You can opt for FREE personal coaching or a prompt and courteous refund within 30 days of your date of purchase
Your Book Saved My Marriage!

I just wanted to tell you how very much your book has meant to me. It started me down a path of growth that has changed my life not only with my girlfriend but in all areas of my life as well. What you have to say in the book “Bring Back the Love of Your Life” really works!

Thank you so much.
- Harry W, Manchester, UK
My recommendation is to “Get The Book”!

I recently bought your book. I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for it. I feel your book is the best and most helpful one I have ever read on the subject of relationships and I have already referred some of my friends to your website.
- Dan K, Sydney, Australia
Frequently Asked Questions About “Bring Back the Love of Your Life”
Q1. Who can benefit from reading Bring Back the Love of Your Life?

If you are going through turmoil and heartache in your relationship, you will benefit from this program.
  • Is your relationship failing?
  • Has your partner turned cold and distant?
  • Have you done all you could but nothing has worked?
  • Is a separation imminent?
  • Has your partner left you?
Don’t give up hope just yet!

All the tools and techniques to help you overcome despair and bring back lost love are right here. This book gives you all the guidance you need to shift your energy and become a love magnet to your partner once more.

Q2. How is Bring Back the Love of Your Life better than any other relationship books?

In Bring Back the Love of Your Life, I will show you why disharmony is occurring in your relationship. I will also give you the secret techniques based on Universal laws that work in every situation. It doesn’t matter how long you have been together or the circumstances of the break up. These principles work every time. You can stop feeling frustrated trying to change your partner’s behaviour. I will show you how to change your own vibration and in doing so, attract love, happiness and harmony back into your life.

I have read other books, but I have not experienced the results I expected.

Q3. Why would Bring Back the Love of Your Life be any different?

Congratulations for making such a determined effort to restore your relationship! The beauty of this program is that it’ is so simple that these tools are often overlooked. Once you put this timeless guidance to work for you, you will be amazed at the positive results, not only in your love relationship, but with all your relationships.

There is no way I would risk my credibility by offering you a program that doesn’t work as I say it does. On top of that, you’ve got an unconditional guarantee!
So there you have it…

An opportunity to get all the information and guidance to change your life and start on the path to a lifetime of true love, PLUS the opportunity to make a huge saving.

I wish you the same remarkable results as thousands of others…

To your success in everlasting love and happiness,
Anandi Peters
You Can Now Get ALL These Products
The Ancient Bring Back Love Blueprint Book
PLUS the Companion Workbook
PLUS the THREE special bonuses
PLUS the complete audio download
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